37.01 BELARUS, Minsk, Revolution of the People

Tuning into Belarus where demonstrations have been going on fighting dictator waar al 15 dagen lang een demonstratie gaande is tegen de dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

‘There is a time when you have to stand up and follow the call of your soul. When suppression and silent violence have been going on for such a long time, you cannot go on any longer. You have to stand up for the greater good of all, for your children, your beloveds, your parents and your family. 

You have always been a people in between. Now it is time that you rise up and take your own identity. The power and pride of who you are. Connecting different world, the worlds of the west, the worlds of the east, the worlds of the north and of the south. You are a people who connect different genetic codes, and that’s why your country has always been a battle ground, a coming and going of different nations that conquered this middle place. 

Now it’s time that you become the center yourself and take guardianship over it. You are – so to say – the fifth element, connecting all the other four elements. 

It is no coincidence that three women lead this movement. They symbolize the threefold goddess: the maiden, the mother and the crone. And they fight the old hierarchy of patriarchy, the old system of communism, which dictates and rules over the people without empowering them to become themselves, but making them into small radars of a bigger system. 

So free yourself. Free yourself from the chains of outer authority, of slavery, of the rules that have been put on you, by a system that doesn’t allow the feminine to rise. Open up to a broader community of countries all over the world that are taking their responsibility and their leadership into their own hands, to create a democracy, a country where all people are equal, but in a healthy way. We are not all the same. Honour the differences, honour the diversity, honour the masculine and honour the feminine. And be one with the Great Spirit and with Mother Earth.’