TOMAR (PORTUGAL), October 2 – 6, 2024

Have you heard the call of destiny?
Do you feel called to hold space for the challenges we face today?
Are you longing for a community of like-minded souls?

Welcome to the New Templars, the New Warriors of the Heart.
A 4-day retreat in Tomar, the Portugese capital of the Templars.

‘Through the ages there have always been sacred warriors, who have heard the call of the heart. In any form. Be it Christian, Roman or Celtic… The outer circumstances don’t matter. Because underneath there is always the same tradition of the heart, who upholds the ethics and the sacred laws of the universe. It is this tradition that you are part of, in a long lineage from the Essenes, the Cathars, the Templars… And it is up to you to restore that tradition to be in service in these times of transition.’

WHERE: Hotel Dos Templarios, at the foot of the old Templar castle
(Largo Candido dos Reis 1, 2300-326 Tomar, Portugal,
WHEN: October 2 – 6, 2024
Starting 2/10 with dinner at 6 pm (18:00)
Ending 6/10 at 1 pm (13:00), after the closing circle
WHO: Facilitators are Ton van der Kroon & Anne Wislez
HOW: We are working with the principles of Open Space, creating the program together on the spot.
COSTS:  € 840 pp (based on a 2 person bedroom, halfboard), 950 € pp (in a single room, halfboard).
If you want to share the room with a specific person, please inform us by mail:
This price includes accommodation, breakfast, dinner and visit to the Templar Castle.
This does not include lunches (€ 10 – € 12, to be taken at your own expense in town), extra drinks and excursions decided on the spot.
For payment: see “how to book” underneath.

You can only participate for the whole event in Hotel Dos Templarios. All retreats start at 6 pm (18:00) with dinner and the opening ceremony on the first night, and end at 1 pm (13:00) on the last day with a closing ceremony right before lunch time.

Your subscription is ensured by sending an email to (mentioning name, single or double room and with whom) and deposit your payment (see above) on the following bank account: IBAN: NL90 INGB 0008216143, BICcode: INGBNL2A, Tree of Life, Laurierstraat 122, 1016 PR, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
NB. In case of cancellation, there is a cancellation fee of € 200 one month before the start of the event. After that the whole amount has to be paid.  Possible hotel cancellations should be checked with the hotel itself. Your registration to the retreat will only be confirmed once the payment is received.

HOW TO GET IN TOMAR: The hotel can be easily reached by plane to Lisbon and a direct 2 hour train drive to Tomar. You can walk from the trainstation to the hotel in 15 minutes.

PLEASE READ OUR GENERAL CONDITIONS attentively before booking.

The aim of ‘the New Templars’ is to unite people of all faiths, all backgrounds and all ages and to recognise each other as participants of one humanity, one race, one earth. It is nót our intention to promote an age old christian anti-muslim or anti jewish ideal, nor do we believe in a dark government, illuminati or any conspiracy theories about the Templars. We like to focus on the heart, not the mind.


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02 - 06 Oct 2024


18:00 - 13:00


Hotel Dos Templarios