'The night is darkest just before dawn'

The night is darkest just before dawn; a univeral truth we might be experiencing these days. The actual world events challenge us to keep connected to our inner peace, our discernment, our compassion. The group of people willing to focus on this inner wisdom of the heart is getting bigger and bigger and this retreat is an occasion to meet each other as a big family of light warriors, to get to know each other (better) and celebrate the light, whilst carrying ourselves through the darkness. Because the unifying field of oneness can only be activated by embracing both.

Welcome to join us in Orval from 20- 23 december, in Zutphen on december 30th or in Antwerp on januari 7th!

Ton & Anne


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Sprong in het Onbekende, een vrouwelijk antwoord op crisis, Anne Wislez
The Third Secret, a mythological journey to Portugal, Ton and Anne


Our Latest Project

The call of the great mother

Listen to The Call of the Great Mother and join us on a quest to another future.
In 2021 we travelled from Sinai to Schotland. A magical journey that ended with a meditation for the Earth with thousands of people. Read the story of our journey, that is both a personal quest as well as a glimpse into the broader story of our humanity. How do we survive on a planet that is warning us that things are getting out of hand? 

This story was also the prelude to the gathering in Sinai on November 8th, 2022.




During our journeys to sacred places all over the world we received more than 500 messages. Pieces of wisdom that give us a broader insight in our past, present and future. Look at the worldmap, pick a country and read all the messages.
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