Join us for a weeklong, magical gathering with like-minded people to create another healing ceremony: A ceremony for the earth, for ourselves, for Europe. While the world turns even more chaotic, and we are heading into uncharted territory, it is crucial to find the silence in the center of the storm. During this week we will tune in to the esoteric tradition of the Cathars, but also to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Paris on july 26th. Paris is the city of Isis, and it is the ‘divine feminine’ that is so needed in this time, whether she is called Mary Magdalene, Madeleine, Marianna, Maria or Isis. It is the energy of the goddess that connects, brings healing, and reminds us to go back to the source. We’d love you to join us during this inspirational week at the foot of the Montsegur!
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When the world is in turmoil, we need people who hold space. People who don’t add to the chaos or aggression, but who are guardians of hope, bringers of the dawn. People who have the courage to look into their own soul, acknowledge their blind spots and fears, and act anyway. 

This is a time for the ‘warriors of the heart’, brave men and women who are ready to take their stand, and embrace humanity during the tsunami of change we are facing. We are looking forward to meeting you. 

Ton & Anne


Anne's new book!

into the unknown

Journalist Anne Wislez quit her job, left hearth and home and – accompanied by the intriguing figure Zet – set off on a journey, into the unknown. A journey that would last three years, but was even more than that: an inner journey that symbolizes the process of transformation we are collectively in. The world is no longer the old, but we have not yet found the new. As humanity we are in a crisis, to which there may be only one answer: embrace the feminine in ourselves and fearlessly face the Great Unknown.

NB. The Dutch version is now available. The English translation will be released this spring.



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