Ton & Anne


Ton van der Kroon

Ton van der Kroon (°1965, The Netherlands) is a pioneer in men’s work for over 30 years. He wrote the bestseller The Return of the King, a book about men, which has been translated into six languages. He has been giving men’s workshops in Belgium, Israel, Gaza and the Netherlands. Ton wrote 10 other books on personal development, leadership, self-development and spirituality. He conducted healing work in many parts of the world, including North and South Korea, Iran, Kashmir, Rwanda, Egypt, China and some 30 other countries. He is a mystic, a medium and a teacher who tries to bridge spirituality and daily reality. He is currently living with Anne in Tomar, Portugal. 

Anne Wislez

Anne Wislez (°1966, Belgium) is a journalist and has been editing in the feminine press for about 30 years, where she mostly covered societal, psychological and spiritual topics. For twenty years she has been fascinated by the feminine, in particular the dark feminine, the more unknown parts of the feminine and our shadow sides. She recently quit her job as editor in chief of Psychologies Magazine (Belgium) to fully dedicate to the transition towards Portugal with her partner Ton. In fall 2020 she started a weekly open online Women’s Council to find out what women really want and how women can change the world, not by doing, but by ‘being’. After 100 councils and arriving in Tomar, Portugal, she edited her first book Into the Unknown (2024) in Dutch, which will be translated to English later this year.


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Ton & Anne