Ton & Anne


Ton van der Kroon

“All my life I have been touched by a silent call – or if you will call it ‘a voice from within’ – that encourages me to put all my time, energy and work at the service of ‘the bigger picture’. On the one hand that has created many problems in my life, but on the other hand it also gave me an incredible amount of beauty, wisdom and love. I call it ‘the way of the heart’. It has taken me to the farthest corners of the world. I have provided trauma care in Gaza; done energetic work in Iran, North Korea, India, Africa and about 30 other countries. I have been guiding men for thirty years to find their own masculinity, strength and vulnerability. And I am fascinated by the story of Mary Magdalene, as a representative of the divine feminine. My motto: The way is made by walking it.”

Ton van der Kroon (°1965, The Netherlands) is a pioneer in men’s work and has been organising Healing Conferences on different places in the world. He is the author of ten books on manhood, leadership, self-development and spirituality. The Return of the King has been a bestseller in The Netherlands for 25 years and has just been re-edited (2021). It has been translated into 7 languages. Ton has been traveling around the world to visit and work on sacred sites all over the globe. He is currently engaged in a journey ‘From Sinai to Schiehallion’ with his partner Anne. 

Anne Wislez

“Ever since I started writing I grew increasingly fascinated by us, humans, and the great times of change we are in. Looking at the world I see how male oriented it is and how it absolutely lacks a feminine aspect in the way we perceive and organise our societies. Attending different kinds of workshops and women circles I discovered how consciously connected women can help restore the disbalance and focus on the humane and fundamental aspect of the crises we encounter. I am especially intrigued by what we would call ‘the dark femine’, the more unknown aspects of the feminine and our shadow sides. For I am convinced that before actively recreating a new world (yang), we will need to turn inwards (yin) to understand that our outer world is merely a reflection of our inner world, and to face and embrace our shadows. You cannot really help to heal the world if you are not willing to heal yourself.”

Anne Wislez (°1966, Belgium) is a journalist and has been editing in the feminine press for about 30 years, where she mostly covered societal, psychological and spiritual topics. She recently quit her job as editor in chief of Psychologies Magazine (Belgium) to fully dedicate to the journey ‘From Sinai to Schiehallion – and back’ with her partner Ton. In fall 2020 she started a weekly open online Women’s Council to find out what women really want and how women can change the world, not by doing, but by ‘being’. 

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