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All of our work is about creating awareness, transformation from darkness to light, through books, workshops, journeys or meditations. Now this brought us to the realization that we cannot do this alone. Many times we ask people to help us out, support us with donations, join us in traveling, or help energetically during the work. This has been extremely helpful, and we are so thankful that many people value our work and writings. If you want to participate too, know that you are more than welcome! Every donation, big or small, is welcome, since the money not only represents financial value, but trust and support as well!

Donations can be send to:
TREE OF LIFE, IBAN: NL67 TRIO 0338 9423 43, BICcode: TRIONL2U

About the foundation

The foundation is committed to the public interest and has no profit motive. By means of gifts, subsidies and crowdfunding, the foundation will acquire the income necessary to disseminate, preserve and support the ideas of Ton and Anne.