14.01 ARMENIA, Ararat, The Keys of Enoch

Tuning into Ararat. I hear the voice of Enoch.

‘Era after era the same play has been performed, a battle between dark and light, yin and yang, the opposing forces that keep creation running. They are both needed, so humanity can make progress. It is now that you lift the veil for a moment to look beyond the 3D-reality  to see the mechanisms behind the curtain, and by lifting the veil you lift the anchor of the boat of enlightenment to find your home. 

The Ararat contains the keys of Enoch, a doorway to immortality. They are parts of DNA that can be activated in your body, so you will have access to the higher dimensions. We stored it in the mountain to be kept safe for later times, to be opened up at a proper moment in history. The people of Armenia are the guardians of the Ararat, they suffered throughout the decennia, because they hold this precious treasure they carried in the memory in their stories and their religion. But they are surrounded by other forces, forces of evil. 

The boat of Noach is a symbol, it wasn’t a physical boat but a container of all the seeds and memories. So that after the deluge life would go on, life would continue. The same is asked of you: to collect all energies, all DNA, all memories, to preserve them for a later time, after the time of collapse. You will be guided and protected, and know that you have a sacred mission to accomplish. 

I am Enoch, keeper of the keys of immortality.’