14.02 ARMENIA, Ararat, The Mountain and the Mother Goddess

Tuning into Ararat, with Tineke.

‘You have a special connection with the mother mountain, Ararat, you resonate on the same frequency as this mountain and it is the energy of the Mother. Because this mountain is the Mother. She represents the energy of the great Mother Goddess. But it’s been suppressed and there have been battles and the men are struggling but they cannot resonate with this mountain as you do. So while you are coming into your presence and into the light, this mountain goes through the same process, that the Great Mother becomes present and visible in these war torn countries. 

So actually the two of you help each other, you help the mountain to become visible and the mountain helps you to become visible. It’s an interwoven process, interlinked. Especially in a country like Armenia and all the other countries around, the feminine is very much suppressed and feelings, emotions, intuition are not taken for granted. It is a patriarchal society where law of war and fighting and hierarchy are stronger than just being. But still, the presence of the Great Mother is still there, it is very much present in ancient history and grounded in the stones and in nature. In a way it is very tangible and visible, but people created a culture that is very much opposed to it. That is because there is so much pain and trauma underneath. They carry all this darkness and that is why they start to rule by all this fear. 

So just a mere act of being there helps the whole collective field to open up. To birth this great feminine goddess into being. It doesn’t need a lot of action, it’s a matter of holding space.’

(Nieuwrode, 09/12/2020)