12.10 AMERICAS, Mexico, Quetzalcoatl and the Light Codes for the New Angelic Beings

In the Whale House in Amsterdam, with Agnes. 

“I am an incarnation of Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, the Feathered Serpent, embodying the light codes of ascension.

While all old forms and structures will fall away, the new will rise from within. It’s like shedding a skin, breaking free from old bondage, from the slavery of the mind. Connected to the center of the earth, the womb from which the new arises, it’s the phoenix that rises out of the ashes of the old. 

Now don’t be afraid of the powers that are unleashed within your body, nor in the world. You can only surrender to this process of renewal and rebirth, which happens every now and then in history. It is unavoidable. And yet we know it demands utmost perseverance and devotion to walk the path, the red path of the soul, that strives for liberation and enlightenment. 

While the higher consciousness was being anchored in the Himalayas, in the light realms, it is now appearing on the surface in South America. The seed of the condor, the throne of a new Jeruzalem, preparing for a new race of incarnations. A new influx of souls from a different star constellation will assist humanity in this process of ascension. They have a different code of DNA but they are benevolent in the acceleration. So let’s welcome them and open up the door to their angelic beings, to the purple crystal race. Like you here on earth have a diversity of races, there is a myriad amount of races in the universe, all communing with each other, all interchanging information and wisdom. When you are ready to open up, you will become part of the federation of star systems, which you have always been part of, but now consciously. 

We greet you with reverance and gratitude for the connection that is made, and the exchange of energies will be continued.”