06.46 EGYPT, Sharm-el-Sheikh, The 8th Manifestation of the Creatrix

With Agnes in the Whale House, in cocreation with the crystal skulls Amigo and Karuna. We are talking about Sharm-el-Sheikh and about the gathering on November 8th this year.

“To start the new creation, you have to go to that darkest place, the most dense matter, because it is here that the new light emerges. Sharm-el-Sheikh is like the Sodom and Gomorrah of this world. This is a place of weapon deals and things that are not meant to be seen in broad daylight. 

Yet it is here that the highest consciousness will reveal itself in form through the manifestation of the eight-fold star. It is the 8th manifestation of the goddess, thus opening the gate to the 9th, to the completion. And the completion, the 9th, is the start of a new cycle, the beginning of the new.

Sharm-el-Sheikh and all its ugliness and diversity is the perfect playground for the wonder of light to emerge from the depth of the ocean. Listen to the octopus as a teacher for mankind protecting its offspring. It sacrificies itself for its own children, so a new generation can live and the old will vanish and the food will be for the new generation to come. Leave behind the importance of your own being and your own existence, because you will live on in the next generations and in the next cycle of creation, being in everything. That’s why you are in a process of disillusion and disintegration, because your soul being is being dispersed into all of creation and you become one with the creatrix.”