06.19 EGYPT, Luxor, Creation of the New Blueprint

 (Ton, Anne, Christiaan & Tineke) On the roof of the Amon Hotel, after meditating together.

“My children. Long have I been denied and neglected. I have become invisible to the eye. I am Mother Africa. I am the Great Mother, and it is from my womb that the human race started to exist. I birthed the first human beings, the first man and the first woman. Coming out of love for the Heavenly Father. They were the seeds of the new race, this new race that would create the human civilisation as you know it now. But as we created a race, we also created free will. In ballance with a predestination. And it is in this ballance between free will and predestination that you follow your path. And by being conscious of this ballance you can change the patterns, you can co-create. 

Because as you know the world is getting out of ballance and it is time for the reset, which has long been planned – and given by many generations, many magicians and many wise men and women, who knew about the original blueprint. It is only through the co-creation between man and woman that this original blueprint can be restored and that paradise can be regained. So it is by honouring the Mother and honouring the Father that the new blueprint can be installed and activated. It’s by remembering who you are, your connection with the Great Mother and the Heavenly Father, that you activate the cells within your memories, within your body, within the cells of your mind, that this new flower of life of creation can start to be manifest. 

Your purpose here is not so much in looking at the distractions, which are obviously there, but to install the new pattern, the creation. Which can only be done through joy, and light, and surrender to the heavenly waters, to the river of the Nile in the Cosmos, streaming down forth into the Earth. And thus connecting the upper world with the lower world, the world of the gods with the mortal world – and you’re in between. You’re the gate keepers, the guardians who hold the space for this new light, this new baby, to arrive on planet Earth.”