06.22 EGYPT, Luxor, The Way to the Hidden Door

 (Ton, Anne, Christiaan & Tineke) Ton gets the message that the tomb of Osiris will be revealed. But where is the tomb?

“It’s the land itself that carries the tomb, that carries the burden. Lift the heavy lid of the tomb so the light can come in.”

A: First you said: don’t look into history, don’t look into time, it’s beyond what you think.

“The entrance is within the body. It is through your constellation that you will access the tomb. So it is both within and without, it is inside you and it’s outside you. Which is the rule of Toth. As above as below, as inside as outside. Any questions?” 

Ti: Do we have to go to a place specific?

“Not yet, first you have to go inside to search for the place… Because there you will find the entrance, cause the entrance is not inside the physical world. It is in the etherical world, you cannot find it in the physical world. But when you find it in the etherical world, you will see it in the physical world, revealed. So it is about a revelation, it is the revelation of Osiris. That is where this mystery comes in. Because they were also working between the two worlds, opening doors between the two worlds. So you cannot only see it with your eyes, you have to go deeper into your soul, where the tomb is hidden.”

A: And the tomb is where Osiris rests at this moment? So he can be resurrected?

“Yes. And the resurrection is through you.”

A: We are all Osiris?

“Yes, and Isis. Now we are getting closer. Because when you are embodying the energy of Osiris and Isis and Horus, then you become the gods. This is what the tombs were used for, to make a memory bank, so the information of that time, of that body of that person, would be remembered. Litterally re-membered. So when you re-member it in your cells then the physical manifestation of the tomb can take place, it’s not the other way around. You cannot find history, you create history by remembering it. By opening up the doors within.

You have to find the missing piece.”

A: A blind spot? 

“Yes. The hidden door. In yourselves. That’s what all the Egyptians in the ancient times worked with: the hidden doors. When you crossed the hidden doors you came, you got into the other worlds. And that is how they got their information and their wisdom, all their knowledge to build the temples. They could travel through the hidden doors into the other world and there they could work with their magick. And through the hidden doors they brought the information and the energy back into their land, into their country. 

So one of the things is that the Nile represents the Sacred River, through the body from top till down. It’s through opening the gates of this Sacred River that fertility comes back into the body and into the land. You are at the seat of the King and the Queen. Thebes, Luxor, the City of Light. Go down. Go down into the dark caverns. Go down into the body. Into the halls of Amenti, the halls of healing, the halls of remembering, the Akasha Cronics, to remember what you came here to do, to create a civilization. To bring life on Earth. Connected to the stars, your home base. It’s a mystical journey into the beyond. And there you will find the key to the hidden door.”