06.22b EGYPT, Luxor, The Hidden Door

(Ton & Anne) We are talking about different dimensions and how we should understand reality.

“This is Metatron speaking. We are having a very interesting and intriguing subject. Which, as you said, the mind cannot comprehend, because the mind is part of the creation. So it’s only through your being, your essence, that you can grasp a little part of the vastness of the reality which we are living in. Because they are dimensions within dimensions within dimensions within dimensions. And you could say that the earthly dimension is one of the most material dimensions. It’s an incarnation into a material world, call it 3D, 3-dimentional, and actually you have a fourth dimension which is time. But outside of this dimension is the real world, is the real you. Cause the only way you can comprehend this is through you. Through who you are. You are the key. Your heart is the key to the greater understanding. Because if you understand who you are you can understand the universe. 

So by going within, by tuning into your own essence, your own soul, you open the gate towards the understanding and towards the experience of the greatness of the reality outside of the 3-dimentional world. And it is through this reality, this extra-terrestrial reality, that you can travel freely to other planets, to other dimensions, to other spaces, to other races. Because there are other spirits and beings and races located in other dimensions. But you can easily get there through this extra-terrestrial dimension, which is inside. 

So the inside world is the entrance to another space. As soon as you start to understand this you have the key to understanding everything. As long as you keep on looking in your dimension you’ll never get out of it. Cause it’s a closed box, there is no way to get out of it, except through yourself. The mind will search towards other planets, towards far horizons, but it will always stay in that same locked room and it cannot get out of there. Unless you open the heart and you get access to the great reality of your soul. Then you understand there is a complete different dimension beyond this world. 

This is it for now. This is the hidden door. That can lead you everywhere. Open that door, towards the Hathors, the Sirians, whatever you want to call them, the extra-terrestrial beings. Open the hidden door and the universe will reveal itself.”