06.23 EGYPT, Cairo, Heliopolis, The Mystery School of Horus

 (Ton & Anne) We feel there is still work to be done in that part of the city, where the ‘Therapeutists’ used to live. We are looking for the old Obelisk, remnant of the ancient Greek times (the other Obelisk is in the Vatican), but cannot find it. Ton feels the restlessness of the city, of the modern life and how far it is from the ancient energies. Anne feels we are digging into the earth, deeper and deeper through hard layers of stone. Meeting different layers of history. Untill the inner earth opens up into a light cave with skeletons peeping out of the earth. They feel like the skeletons of the Essenes, the Therapeutists. Gradually they’re woken up to life.

We walk intuitively through the city, pray in a Coptic church (Ton in front of the picture of Jesus, Anne in front of the picture of Mary) and after another walk through the streets, we sit down on a border near a little park.

“Anne and me are sitting in Heliopolis, in the middle of the city, of a modern city and we try to feel into the earth towards the old, the ancient Heliopolis. We saw a cave with ancient corpses coming to life. I see a man approaching, a man with a book, an ancient book, or ancient knowledge. 

There has been a mystery school here, in the ancient times, where we kept the knowledge of Aton, and … (interrupted by a telephone call of someone wanting to help us find the Obelisk). We kept the knowledge of the mystery school of Horus, the Right Eye. Which we passed on to the people of Israel, to the Essenes. It is this ancient lineage that has been given on energetically, but also physically, in this place, from generation to generation. And now we pass it on to you. We give you the key, the key to this ancient gold, so you can use it in your time. Because now it is up to you to start this mystery school, to pass on the knowledge of the Inner Sun, the Divine Energy, held by both masculine and feminine force. 

We are honoured and happy to be in your presence. And to pass on through time what we have learned and preserved, beyond time and space. We are happy that you can hear us and feel us. Initiate the others that will come to you, so their light bodies are awakened and they can perform their own tasks.”