06.47 EGYPT, Dahab, The Caravan of Love

Monique, Marcel, Catharina, Anne and Ton, Ton feels Jos is coming in. 

“Things have changed, my dear friends. I am radiant with love because you walked the path of initiation from darkness to light, to open the door to a new dawn. From now on the laws of physics have changed. There is a new path in front of you to be walked upon in joy: the caravan of love has started. Gather all your troops and your forces in this joyful celebration of life. Because even if darkness is growing, the same is true for the light. 

I have been holding space for this doorway, together with Meital, the masculine and the feminine, so you could walk through the doorway to this new future. Humanity will slowly wake up. But it is through you, through remembering each other, awakening each other, that that will happen. One by one, heart by heart, soul by soul. There is no big plan, no grand scheme, but only individual steps, people touching each other, opening each other’s eyes, and heart, and soul. 

There is no return, there is only a path forward, step by step by step. Follow the music, follow the song.”