21.00 NORTH KOREA, Pyongyang, The Apocalypse

Hearing Judith Moore about the journey to North Korea.

‘There are two different things that come up right away. One is you have to go to the centers where the apocalypse would start, to bring forth the strength of life. It is the energy of life that balances the force of death. Death not meaning the transformation from the body to the spirit; this kind of death is like anti-matter. It is the destruction of life-giving energy. It is the destructive force that pulls in the light form, the life giving hologram of the earth. 

When you went to Damascus you put in an orb of life-giving energy, that you might even describe as a hologram of light. A hologram of life. It is connected to the power of the cosmos and the life giving energy that created our world. If you look at some of the sessions that I gave to you in the past there is an archetypal connection to the emergence and the power of life; that created life. In Damascus there was a golden orb, a hologram of life, that when the inevitable came and the apocalyptic prophecy had to be fulfilled – but it does not mean the destruction of everything, but the destruction of our world – this was really work to restore the blueprint in that part of the Middle East. It tears in the hologram of reality. Those distortions in the hologram of reality create the demon of the apocalypse. The antichrist was to rise from Syria and devour our world. 

Now this is the other place of the anti-Christ rising in these days of the apocalypse. We got these next three years of the big window of the apocalypse; the apocalyptic prophecies have to fulfill themselves in these next three years – now we have already seen the blood moon. The reason you have to go to North Korea is just like Mount Ararat in Turkey: it is one of the sources of the Great Mother energy. You need to go there so you can connect to the womb of life, and bring birth to the force of life from the primordial energy of earth. This is the place of the origins of creation. The best way to describe it is the moment of fertility just before conception. It is perfect for the conception of a child. 

There are places on earth that are the wombs of life. These places receive the genesis seeds at the beginning of the origins of life on this planet. This place is one of the origins. To destroy the Mother is to destroy life on earth. There are certain places that are destroyed, they will upset the whole eco system of the planet. 

If North Korea gets into an apocalyptic war with us and they are going to use an atom bomb and that means that a bomb is being dropped as well in North Korea – one of these crazy apocalyptic weapons – it would destroy one of the sources of the places on earth, where creation receives life. It can’t be destroyed. It is one of the places of creation; it is like the inside of the womb opened on the earth to receive the gift of life – the primordial energy. This is why you had to be at prophecy rock (the Hopi prophesy in the United States). It is splitting the path, so we can go on a different path and not a path of destruction.

When you go there it’s the energy vibration of the holographic heart. Bring a heart into that mountain. Awaken the heart of the mountain. There is a place here that feels like the inside – on the inner plane – that feels like the Mother is dying. If she dies, the spiritual force that holds life and creation can be affected so devastatingly that that anti-Christ power would rise out of the devastation of suffering. The demon of the apocalypse can rise from Korea. 

There is a connection to the Great Mother energy from Bali. It is bringing the life and creation to this place, so she can be able to restore her strength and her power. She needs your help. 

If you look at Mount Ararat; the area is not even accessible anymore. You have to get in while you can. It is about feeding her life, bringing in the cosmic forces: the love that flows through you that feeds this Mother life. The resurrection of the Great Mother. When she is empowered she will balance things. But at this point there is so much suffering in North-Korea, it brought her energy down so low. She is on the death row. This is not immortality, it is the death of the consciousness. It is destruction of this Great Mother force. The vibration is so low through the suffering that is created there, that her life is in danger. You need to go to her to bring this love. It has to come from a masculine energy. 

There are many aspects like timelines being balanced and the specific work that each one of you do. But the real critical thing, the key to everything – the same reason why Ton is in Jericho, because Jericho is one of the wombs of life of the earth – Damascus is the citadel, the phallus. And this is the womb. 

It is at very high risk. This is the prophecy of prophecies. We are the Covenant of One. The work that we have come to do together is beyond prophetic. God is manifesting through our heart and our soul for the expansion of reality, for the genesis to come onto the planet. This is one of the genesis places on the whole planet. You might want to call it the womb of Genesis. 

To go in and out, you need a small group of people. You need a big group of people to support you to constantly surround you with light.’