21.01 NORTH KOREA, Kumgang San, The Emergence of the Goddess in the Far East

“When the feminine is awakening, this causes upheaval in all structures that have been creating a patriarchal society. And now, talking from the energy of Quan Yin, this is creating a change in the Far East – all the countries, like China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia. They all will feel a re-emergence of the goddess. But as you know, this will start first with the birth contractions, the pain of the suppression. The remembering of that which has been lost, the re-emergence of the old wisdom coming to the surface, the feelings of everything that has been ignored or simply killed or wounded. So it’s this whole feeling of dismemberment of the goddess, of the feminine, that will be felt in the Far East countries. And it needs this gentle compassion, this softness, this energy of nourishment, to guide this process and to stay awake. It’s like being a midwife for this birth of the goddess.”

Ton: That’s funny, I suddenly see all kinds of places emerge, like light spots being created. I see Bali, I see a temple in Cambodja, Boro Budur in Indonesia, I see Japan, China, Korea… It is a whole networl of light centers, that are being ignited. Also in Tibet, Nepal, Birma… and Bhutan. 

“This process is being guided by the Masters of Shambala, seated in the Himalayas. It’s this energy, this high energy, that is overlooking the whole process on the material plane, restoring the spiritual heritage of all these ancient cultures, which has been lost or distorted in the last century.

So, now the question is: what is your role in this? By connecting the two of you the spiritual power will be multiplied, because you both hold one side of a weapon.”

(Ton: I see a two-sided weapon, and we both hold one part of it. And when you bring them together, there is a thunder lightning. Yes, a dorje.)