21.03 NORTH KOREA, Kumgang San, The Golden Temple of the Maitreya

“Welcome to the golden temple of the Buddha, the Maitreya. The Buddha of the future, to be released as a field of consciousness throughout humanity. It is in the greatest darkness that this golden light of consciousness can be born. 

Are you willing to open up the gate to this temple? Entering the womb, the cave of crystals – so this thousand-fold light can be shown to the world? It has been hidden for thousands of years within the earth, within the Diamond Mountains, Kumgang San. The guardians of his place have guarded it. The stories and the myths tell about the birth of the Buddha, which is the Buddha of your time. When this Buddha energy is released time will stand still. This is a moment of liberation out of the bondage of time. Time is also an illusion. It is one of the strongest illusions in human consciousness. More and more this bondage is being released. So you can be free from time. All of the time lines will come together in this moment, eternity emerging within this one moment in time. So timing is of the essential. 

This will be your challenge, because all the old karmic patterns will do everything to keep the illusion alive. The illusion of time and space, the illusion of power, of money. All the illusions of the ego will do their utmost best to stay alive. But if you release the Buddha of eternity, then all of this will be swept away.

So the curtain will fall, and reality as it is, in its divine nature, will become visible. 

Include many people in your project to hold the space, so they can connect with their consciousness to this moment in time, and to this energetic work in North Korea.” 

Agnes discovers that three days after ‘Liberation day’ (August 15th) there is a moon eclips, on August 18th. This is the moment we will have to be in the Mountains.