21.06 NORTH KOREA, Pyongyang, Xi Jinping on North Korea

Talking about North Korea with Annelies in our hotel room in Jericho. Tuning into the leaders that take decisions on these matters, and Xi Jinping enters (with the Dutch sentence “Ik Xi, ik xi wat jij niet ziet”: “I see, I see what you can’t see”). We seem to see things about North Korea that others cannot see. The information comes from Xi Jinping in China: 

‘North Korea is a remnant of something that was installed in our country, in China, a very very long time ago and it was done with fear and violence. It is from the first emporer of China, and it resulted in the creation of communism. The system that was based on equality, but created the opposite. It created a division of those in power and those ruled by power with fear and torture. This system was installed in Russia, China and different other countries as North Korea. North Korea is the last part of it, the last festering wound of this system of fear. It could be seen as an illness that needs to be operated, from the whole matrix, the whole of Mother Earth.

We will do the political work if you are able to do the energetic work. To take this darkness, this cancer of energy out by unmasking it. It is not a reality, it is an imaginary reality.’

Ton: I hear that it is the greatest illusion that is withheld there, and you cannot fight an illusion. You can only unmask it, because it is not grounded in love. Fear in a way is only illusion, because it is not true. You can start to believe it and make it true, so it seems true, but it is not true. 

‘So we are involved, because we have this heritage of communism and we know we have a responsibility to heal the wound, but not in an aggressive way. So that’s why we want to stop the United States from invading in an aggressive way.

There is a third power involved in this, which is Europe. Europe can make a decisive move to align with America or to stand up against America and to take a clear decision for diplomatic connection and not for violence. Europe has so many times assisted America in being the superior agent of the world and it needs to be clear in this that it is not supporting this. So you need to have a clear conscience of where your allies are, where your preference is. Is it with violence and overruling? Or is it with diplomacy and democracy? This is where you are coming from in your deepest sense. Especially may I say The Netherlands. Use the power of diplomacy. This is where you come in. Make the connection instead of throwing bombs.’

Ton: Funny, I see now that he is bowing. He is the first president to have ever spent the night in Amsterdam in the Paleis op de Dam. When the world leaders united he came to the Netherlands to be in The Hague, but they gave him a room in the Paleis op de Dam. Which was wonderful, of course, because he could see Amsterdam. So he got a feeling of the country.