21.07 NORTH KOREA, Kumgang San, The Bride of Christ

Ton reflecting on our stay in North Korea:

‘I have this strong line in me, saying: I came to confront the darkness. I came to confront the darkness, to see it in the eye, and to conquer.

The other thing I feel so strongly is: the Bride of Christ, because we unleashed that Quan Yin energy on the seat of the Kumgang  Mountain. The throne of Quan Yin has been honored again and has been released, has been freed from her bondage in that Diamond Mountain. So She’s no longer cut off. She’s been integrated in this part of the earth, has been integrated into the whole system. So we can tap into that light energy of Quan Yin, of compassionate energy, and make her stronger. Because that’s the other virus: it’s the virus of love and compassion, which encapsulates the darkness. It understands it. It sees through it and annihilates it. It embraces it, so it’s no longer effective. As long as we focus on this strong positive vibe and be aware of the darkness, we can hold the balance.’