21.10 SOUTH-KOREA, Kumgang San, The Golden Palace

Tuning into the Golden Palace, with Jos and Anita.

‘Welcome in the Golden Palace. It is here that I reside. In this house of mirrors. It’s in the ethereal realm, which is another dimension beyond the physical dimension which you can see as human beings. I am the Queen of the Fairies and the Angelic Beings, the devas and the minerals, the angels and the boddhisatvas and all the buddha’s that have come before. It is in this place of eternity that we make contact to you in the temperal world, where time is ruling and where everything has a beginning and an end. We retreated in this other realm, which is located in the Kumgang San; but it is actually beyond the Kumgang San. But here’s an important entrance, a portal to this divine energy of the feminine, of Quan Yin, the Merciful. 

By the three of you you open the gate again between the worlds, so you can travel beyond and back. By opening this gate a large river of life force enters this world. By opening the gate you remember where you came from. Your home is the eternal being of your soul and by remembering the eternal being of your soul you become enlightened in the being that you are now, as a fragment of that soul. But it is so much bigger.

We give you this image of this enormous golden palace, with so many rooms, with thousands of rooms, where all creation takes place. Each room has a specific task and mission for this world, for your world, to create trees and water and fire and rocks. Everything is kept in the perfect order of the paradise matrix. By entering into this palace you start to remember paradise, and by remembering you recreate the Garden of Eden. Left is right and right is left, under is upper and upper is under. All things are created in a paradox, in its counterpart, male is female and female is male, the wiseman is the child and the child is the eternal wise being. 

To go forward on your path you have to retreat. To go quicker you have to go slow. To become more powerful you have to become more humble. To be like the gods you have to be utterly human, because thus that is you. You are the gods that have forgotten who they are. When you wake up you will remember the power that is in you and that is able to create anything that you long for. Namaste.’