21.11 SOUTH-KOREA, Cheon, Welcome to South Korea

In Cheon, near Seoul, with Jos and Anita. 

‘We are very honored to welcome you in this land for the second time. We know what you did (on the first visit to North Korea) and we have the greatest admiration for you work. We give a deep bow to the three of you and the two others who are not here, but are present in spirit. Welcome to the land of the golden dragon and the white lion. It is in these ancient traditions that we would like to welcome you and to initiate you. There are powers here that are waiting. We have been waiting for you to come back and to give you this initiation: access to ancient powers, access to ancient wisdom. 

Of course our country in this moment in time is still divided and torn and very much in pain, but we know that the healing is taking place. We know that at this very moment, you and us from the other side of the dimensions, all the ancestors and the wisdom keepers, are involved in this process of unification. That is the crown on a very long history. It will be the foundation for the Buddha Maitreya to come, for this high energy, the Shakti, the feminine energy, to come down on earth to open people’s hearts for the influx of a new era. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.’