21.12 SOUTH KOREA, Kumgang San, Yin-Yan, the Connection Between North and South Korea

“As you all know and feel earth is moving towards its most darkest moment, it’s smouldering beneath the surface. You cannot see it yet, but at some places on the earth, people experience already the downfall and this will become even worse, also in your countries. 

But just like in the yin-yang: when the darkest gets biggest, there is this light coming out of it. It’s the white circle in the black. And you could say that North Korea, as well as Syria, are the darkest places. But it’s here, it’s exactly here that the light is being born, that this incredible power of compassion is awakened in the hearts of ean, in the heart of mankind. You could say that Aleppo is connected through the Silk Route, all the way towards Beijing and Korea: they are two parts of a line. 

There are forces that want to push towards war, which was already happening when you were going there. The forces of war were really gathering. But through your intervention, that didn’t happen. Still, again, they are trying to create a war, a nucleair war. That is going to bring a lot of chaos and destruction, because all the pain that has been gathered in North Korea, will then explode all over the planet. 

So the one that can help North Korea is South Korea. Because this is part of the yin-yang, there is a connection between the two countries, like a lemniscate. So whatever you do in South Korea will influence North Korea. It’s like a movement. And there is a gateway between the two countries in the Kumang San. It is this gateway that needs to be opened, so the energies can flow from one to the other. This is already happening, because the two leaders have been in contact and they stepped over the border to connect to each other. So there is already an opening of the door, but the door needs to be completely opened, so that there can be balance. That which is unseen and which is felt by the North Korean people will be brought to daylight in South Korea, and thus it can be released. 

It’s all about the Buddha Maitreya. It’s this deep compassion and power that is needed in this time of change and distruction. It is not only needed for this country, it is an archetypal force that is needed for the whole world. So you are working on a world level, on a cosmic level. But you need to be specific, you can only do it in the three-dimensional world by traveling to these places. And then the door opens towards the cosmic level, to an energetic world, to the temple of the five elements. When you have gathered the four elements, you can open up the temple of the five elements. 

The temple of the five elements is a planetary constellation as well, it’s a moment in time where humanity decides to go down the road of destruction, or to change its course into the road of creation. In this respect there is a freedom of choice for humanity as a whole and at the same time it’s all predestined. Do you understand that these two parts are both true? It is up to you to make a choice which way to go: the way down or the way up.”