05.00 TANZANIA, Kilimanjaro, The Beginnings of Humanity

‘Africa carries the sorrow of the world. The great wound that humanity carries with it is felt most deeply there. It is the wound of the lack of connection. Lack of unity, between the people, between the different peoples and tribes, which ultimately spring from the same root. The loss of that knowledge leads to enormous fragmentation and the mutual struggle between all kinds of tribes and religions. 

By going to Kilimanjaro, to the root and the heart of Africa, you will find the original knowledge of the beginning of humanity on Earth. Because there records of ancient times are stored in caves, about the descendence of humankind on Planet Earth. We left those for you to find at the moment of the great transformation. It’s now the time to reveal them and to share them with the world. Because the time is at hand for unification of humankind, for the next step of evolution.’