05.01 ETHIOPIA, Lalibela, The Power of Creation

‘Welcome, welcome, welcome to the heart, my children. It is for eons that we have been waiting, the ancient ones that created paradise long before you came into existence. We were the master builders, creating DNA, so life came into existence. It was a joyful play, a play of consciousness, the same play you are enjoying at the moment. The art is to take it light, with humor and with wisdom. Having compassion for the mistakes you make, as we had our mistakes. 

The journey in Ethiopia will be about the creative life force, running through you as an individual, but also running through the collective field of Mother Earth. Ethiopia is the craddle of civilization, where we started this game and where part of the ending will reveal itself. With ending I don’t mean that it is going to stop, but part of the mystery, of the hidden part of reality, will become more visible, will become more clear. And your own role in it will become more clear. You will become more of a creator, a co-creator, and not only a puppet on a string. So it’s time to realize your own potential, your leadership, your creative force with which you create paradise – the paradise blueprint as it once was originally imprinted in matter. 

So you could say the journey is about becoming co-creators, by acknowledging completely who you are because this is the key to the game. Being who you are, with all your highs and lows, with all your funny qualities or shadow sides or anything that is belonging to you. Even the shadow part of hiding yourself from the world, because the light is too bright. Are you ready to shine, are you reading to come forth and be a beacon of light? Because this is what we are calling for. 

We are calling for the ones to step forward, to become the pillars of light of the temple of Jerusalem. Which is manifesting at the moment in the material plane. It is not in the far-off distant future, it is now. It is now that a new Jerusalem is created in your bones, in your genes, in your DNA, and you are part of this creation and part of this creative process. Are you ready to make a next step?

The technology of light is soon to be implemented throughout the human race and it will transform the material technology that is used up till now, which is helping humanity but at the same time hurting humanity. Because it is too crude for the biological system. It is time to open up to the universal wisdom of light that is being used throughout the universe to create. 

I know that at some level you understand what I’m talking about and on another level, it will be difficult to translate it into normal daily life. But let me tell you, there is no difference between the two, they are the same. Your personal journey is the journey of the soul. If you could only see its greatness, if you could only see your greatness. If you could only see your light. Enjoy the journey wherever it leads, and follow your heart to make the right decisions.’