05.02 ETHIOPIA, Lalibela, The Black Madonna

“First of all, we would like to tell you that we are very appreciative of the way you have all completed your duties. That task consisted of transforming the dark into the light. That is why you encountered so many obstacles on your way. Everything had to be transformed within you, but also around you. So as you already knew, you have carried more than just your personal story. It’s been a great ritual of healing, which is now actually accomplished. You can now enjoy. There will not be major obstacles anymore, it is now time to rest. This healing ritual, as you could call it , is all about the Black Madonna energy.

If you ask what the Black Madonna is about, it has to do with the black side of existence, which is not so much negative as it is dark. By going into the dark, healing can take place. By facing death, life can be born again. This is also the principle of the baptismal rite. The old dies, the new is born. The personality, the ego dies and the higher self takes over. So the only thing you can depend on is to surrender to this higher self.

This is what we talked about at the beginning of the trip; about the death of the ego releasing a greater love, as it were. A love that embraces and transcends good and evil, light and dark. So the whole struggle that you have been in and the duality that you have felt within yourself, within the group, between each other but also in the world, the struggle that is being waged on all levels – from the most physical to the most spiritual – has reached a greater level of consciousness in these days.

It is sometimes difficult to see your own role in all of this because it is a very big story that you are in, but do not underestimate your own place and your role. Know that you have done this by divine grace and command. So pat yourself on the back for all the effort you’ve put forth in transcending judgment; judge yourself, judge others, judge the world. Carrying the pain, bearing your own pain, bearing the pain of another.

The Black Madonna energy is about this carrying capacity. Just like a pregnant mother carries a child and endures the pain of contractions and birth. It is a carrying capacity of the person who dies, who can bear his own death and thereby become life again. Life and death are closely linked, if you can’t face death, you can’t really live life either.

Are there any questions?”

How do you experience unconditional love?

“To experience unconditional love, you have to be able to look deep into the dark, you see. This is the hard task, so to speak, or the hard lesson of the Black Madonna energy, to really see the depths of the black, both in yourself and in the world. The moment you no longer condemn that darkness, but can allow it and embrace it, you transcend it, as it were, and death is conquered. Just as Christ on the cross conquered death by actually taking on sin, by allowing it into his heart and thus transforming it into the light.

This is the work you have been doing for the past few days. That may sound very grand and it is, because it is precisely in the small that the great is revealed, in the personal that the laws of the world are revealed, in the human that the universe is revealed. So die and be born again.”