05.03 ETHIOPIA, Axum, Sheba about the Voices of the Mothers

Queen of Sheba speaking.

‘While the world is moving into its darkest hour, it is time for the voices of The Mothers to be heard; these voices of wisdom that are in surface of life and light. This is the wisdom that is needed at this moment. It can only be heard in this time through the recreation, through the re-enlivenment of this wisdom. Of course there are lots of stories. There is a lot of information, historical information, legendary information – but it is through you that I become alive again. 

This was what was happening in our time as well. I, as the last one of the line of the queens of Sheba, I was as you could say a reincarnation of my former mothers. We were all one. We were called The Mothers, actually. And in each incarnation, we again embodied this matriarchal wisdom of the fabric of life.

Time does not really exist within the fabric. It is a fact, but if you are one of the weavers you will know that time is only an illusion, put in there for life to unfold in a logical way. But beyond that there is no time, so we can speak to your heart and mind without interference of time itself.

And yet – it is time for the women to return, to let their voices be heard. Because there will come a new generation, a new generation of people, of children that will need this advice, this cradle of wisdom to learn from. They will need the support to create a new world. 

Because the old world is walking on its last legs. It was the world of the patriarchs and it has served its purpose. But the time has come now that it needs to be changed and transformed. 

Enjoy the honey of the creative process you are in. Like bees, you are looking for the good stuff, so don’t hesitate, don’t be tricked, just keep on searching for the sweet flowers. I will be right beside you in your quest.’