05.04 ETHIOPIA, Lalibela, Birth of a New Identity

‘Welcome to Mother Earth. Welcome to the heart of Africa. You are all connected to this very ancient tradition of birth-givers, midwives of a new identity of humankind. It is all encoded in your souls, in your memories from ancient times, that this moment would come. This moment that humankind would go through a dramatic change, a transformation of consciousness, to align itself again with the Great Mother. So many things in your lives and many things in your societies will die, will end, because a new time is arising.

Your task is to be aware of things changing. You don’t need to do anything. It is just a matter of complete awareness of the changes happening inside and outside of you. The question is: are you willing to open up yourself so much, that everything on this planet can go through you, without judgement, without interference? You are just the observer. And by observing from your heart, from the consciousness of love, the new child can be born into existence. So this is the new consciousness that you participate in, while being the observer. You are the player and the one who wrote the play, ànd the one who is watching the show.

Again, you don’t need to do anything. Just notice all the feelings that are happening inside you and outside of you and all will unfold in perfect time. There are no flaws in creation, everything is part of the Divine Plan. Even if it doesn’t feel that way sometimes. You are asked to surrender, to let go of the ideas in your mind and see the beauty and the power and the love in everything. Even in the most dark or difficult aspects of this world.’