05.05 ETHIOPIA, Lalibela, The Origin of Mankind

‘When you travel back in time, you go back to the origin of mankind, originating in Ethiopia. This is where it all started, where the human race came into existence. And all this knowledge, all this energy, all this wisdom, is stored in your body and your consciousness. You have been through it all. Through the first forms of tribal community, in which there were several groups or tribes. You had the tribe of the hunters, the tribe of the priests and the healers, the tribe of the gatherers of food, the tribe of the male mysteries, the tribe of the female mysteries, the tribe of the raising of children, and the tribe to contain the old wisdom through time.

Think about where you are coming from, what is your tribe? What is your essence? Where do you belong to? It is from this essence that you will work in the coming days. For the healing of the heart, the healing of your own heart, the healing of your tribe, also the healing of Africa, and the healing of Mother Earth. You are all in service of the Great Mother, embodying a part of the wisdom and knowledge that is needed in this time of transformation.

So we would like to invite you to open up this heritage that is living inside of you, that is very ancient and will be awakened during these days. Wake up to your memories, remember who you are. You are more than you think you are. You have to take your place in the circle of life. Don’t hesitate. Take a leap of faith and help each other in this process. In the same time respecting your boundaries and the boundaries of other people. Respecting the boundaries of the culture in which you are a guest. Respect nature. Respect the divine laws. But at the same time be bold, be courageous like a warrior and do what you need to do. Take your role, take your place, which will be different from all the others in this group. Be unique. And thus your will form a field together, in which the heart can be healed. This is your purpose: to heal the heart.’