05.06 ETHIOPIA, Lalibela, Nothing Needs to Be Changed

‘Nothing needs to be changed. You just need to be aware of who you are and how you are in this moment. There is no right or wrong. There is just observation. Awareness of everything inside and outside of you. And the more you relax and sink into this deeper awareness, you will perceive that everything is already perfect as it is, including yourself. The whole mental concept that you are not there yet, that you’re outside the Garden of Paradise is part of an illusion. You never left the garden, you’re still there. But it’s for you to acknowledge that, to feel that, that the earth is a paradise. And by honoring her, by honoring yourself, you return to the place that you never left in the first place. 

This whole journey is about remembering. Remembering where you’re coming from. Remembering who you are. And remembering what your task is, your mission. As an individual but also as a group. Your mission as a group is to restore the paradise blueprint, just by remembering that it’s all there. It is a paradox. So you have to live with this paradox during the coming days. 

Embrace the things you do not understand. Embrace the part that you don’t like, in yourself or in others. Embrace the things you see in the world that you don’t feel comfortable with. Because the divine is everywhere, in beauty and in ugliness. In light and in darkness. It’s up to you to go beyond duality. To broaden your awareness and to be in touch with the divine in yourself and outside of yourself. This is called the return to the garden.’