05.08 ETHIOPIA, Lalibela, The Covenant between God and Mankind

‘May the sacred waters be blessed. This day is all about the Ark of the Covenant. This is the covenant between mankind and God or Goddess. It’s a covenant that there will always be a connection between the divine world and the three-dimensional world. 

On this day that the covenant is brought out, you are remembered. You are brought back into this connection with the divine and you help it birth into the world. It is like a sacred energy that is flowing into the waters, downhill to the lake and from the lake into the world – because the waters carry the light. It is through your connection that the gate can be opened fully and that the Cosmic Christ Consciousness can be revealed into the world. Which at this time is both a male Christ Consciousness and a female Christ Consciousness. It’s all about balance between male and female, through which the gate can be opened. It’s the birthing time of the divine child in you, in your hearts, in your bodies, in your minds, and in your souls. Carry this light and share it with all that you meet.’