05.07 ETHIOPIA, Gondar, Kings and Priests

‘The king’s castle is where the old wisdom was preserved. There was a close connection between the kings and the priests. On this day, January 17th – the day of the Templars, the Templar Knights – you are coming together as the new knights of the temple, bringing back the old wisdom in the castle of Camelot, symbolizing the Round Table of knights, honoring the Great Mother, honoring the feminine, honoring the muse of creativity and inspiration. 

So let yourself be guided by your intuition and by the small details that come on your path, because all of you are now in mythological reality, where everything inside is mirrored outside and vice versa. So see this city as a big playground for a new reality to emerge, connecting to the old time of the sacred kings. 

Gondar is a gateway to the Sacred Mountain. It’s for you to open up this gate and to go deeper, deeper into the history of your personal lives, but also deeper in the history of Africa, to release the original blueprint of paradise. Don’t try to understand with your mind, but just follow your heart and everything will be revealed in time.’