05.09 ETHIOPIA, Lalibela, The Message of King Lalibela

‘Welcome to this sacred place. In the old times it was the king’s hide-out. We were gathering here to make connection with the heavenly energies to guide our country and to guide Africa, the great continent. We were in contact with all the shamanic traditions in our time – like you are making contact with all tribes of Africa. We wanted to create a living ark, a covenant between heaven and earth, between God and mankind. 

It was at this place that we held a gathering for the healing of Africa. From this vision we built the thirteen underground churches as a healing vessel – a healing tool – for the land and its people. But the higher energies got distorted and twisted, and wars broke out. There has been a lot of suffering: abuse, rape, corruption and slaughter. And there was only one thing we could do: to make a promise that we would come back to bring healing to the land again in time – in another time. It’s for you to open this door, because the moment has arrived. The clock has been ticking. 

What we didn’t understand in our time was that we had to embrace both light and dark. We wanted to reach for the heavens but we forgot the earth – to embrace the darkness in ourselves. We became tyrants in the end, wanting to do good but changing into the opposite. Now it’s your turn to bring light and darkness together and embrace both.

Connect the thirteen churches. Connect your hearts to the middle of the earth and surrender to the divine wisdom of this Great Mother, Planet Earth, by bowing your head three times. You will see that deep within the earth there is a heart. It is the heart of the Mother carrying all of you, no one excluded. She nourishes everyone on this earth as her own child. She embraces both light and dark inside of you.

Bow your heads three times to the Father in the sky and look up to the stars. There is eternity and wisdom, but also many guides, spiritual masters from many universes, gathering here to be with you in spirit. They are honoring you for your work, for your inner work. Because you are the living Ark, and your hearts are the grail stones. There’s nothing to be done, only to perceive, to experience. And from this, change will come. 

I have spoken.’