05.11 ETHIOPIA, Lalibela, Into the Heart of Africa

Tuning into our next trip to Africa. With Sandra.

‘Now you have completed the journey towards the Mother Mountain – the Ararat in the midst of Asia, Eurasia – it is time to go to the next point of creation, the cradle of civilisation in Africa. It is here that the black race was created millions of years ago and the foundation was laid for all of humankind. But also for nature; the elements, water, earth, fire and air. 

We want to invite you back to the Circle of Grandmothers and Grandfathers originating from the Motherland of Africa. Connecting to all the elders of the African tribes all over this continent and in other continents. The black race has an important key to the future, and Africa has an important role in the future of humankind as well. It is here that the resources will be found: the land, the air, the nature, the plants, the minerals, the stones, which are important for the next phase of evolution. 

You will be supported by the elders, by the Grandmothers and by the Mystery schools that originated in Lalibela and Lake Tana. You will visit three places: Gondar, City of Angels; Bahidar at Lake Tana, lake of the mirror, the source of the Nile; and Lalibela, Mystery school of the thirteen underground churches. These three make a triangle, three points and one invisible point, on the road. 

Go with thirteen people and the two of you. It’s important to select the people you want for the journey. Don’t be hesitant in this. It is a working journey and you will need professionals. You know what we mean. So we can work in a very elegant and subtle way. Mary is the first. She brings in the heart, the heart of the Grandmothers, who will be the last. Judith is one of them. So you make a choice. Don’t be afraid to make choices and to direct this journey. You are learning to take leadership and to compose the elements for a journey that are important, and the people who are important. Don’t be afraid to give directions, because this journey will have a broad impact on all the people who travel with you in spirit and all the people in Africa. So it’s like precision work, it’s like surgery. 

This is the voice of Grandmother Earth. I am black and unseen. I am old and I want to invite you into my hearth, my fire, my womb. To bring in the seeds of light, the seeds of life, so they can sprout. I can encompass, embrace you all into my heart and my body, so renewal can take place on all levels of being. On all levels of conciousness. On all levels of matter. 

Welcome into my home. Welcome to the Heart of Africa.’