05.12 ETHIOPIA, Lalibela, The Homeland of Humanity

Tuning into Africa, with Germaine.

‘Let’s talk about the heart of Africa. Because this is the Motherland, the homeland of humanity. And it is time that the dragon riders, the lightbringers, are coming together to start great healing. The healing of the physical body, the healing of the form of human beings. So they can ground even more in their earthly reality, and from that a new consciousness can arise. Because this new consciousness needs to be grounded into the physical reality. This is bringing heaven on earth.

This can only happen through the heart, through the great love and compassion of the heart. So call forth all the dragon riders, the healers, the visionaries from Africa and Europe, to come together in this time clock. Thirteen underground churches are calling for this meeting to happen, creating sacred union. 

Use your power, the embodiment of your connection between the north and the south, between the lower and the higher energies, so they will all go through you. Asking for a union within yourself. A re-union, a re-union of all lives, all qualities, all aspects of the Great Mother. Because it is she who is calling, she who wants to be expressed through you and into this world. And it is through Africa that these healing powers can nourish, nourish humanity at large.’