08.09 ROMANIA, Black Sea, The Voice of Baba Jaga

“I am the voice of the Baba Jaga. I am the ancient one, the ugly one, the revengeful one. I am the dark Madonna. The one from deep underneath the surface of the earth. I come to you in times of darkness, to teach you a lesson, to bow your head, to surrender to my wrath. I take the skulls of men who sacrilege the earth, who devour women and children in their aggression and inner pain. Stop your wars and fights and put down your weapons. Because I can’t forgive until you understand my messge, until you bow down your head and kiss my feet. 

I haven’t always been like this. I became the wrathful crone when humankind strayed from paradise. But when times were young, I was the goddess of the Earth. I was sleeping and dancing and playing in the Garden of Eden. Some called me Lillith. I created a paradise, near the sweet waters of the sea that you now call the Black Sea. But it my time it was called the source, the source of life. 

It was the beginning of civilisation. It was the cradle of humankind and from here people went into Europe, Asia, the Middle East. This high civilisation was under my protection. Until humans connected to other sources, mingled with other intelligences. They wanted to know the power of good and evil, of duality, and so they left the Garden. They became victims and sacrifices of their own minds, of their own creations, and it ended in wars and slaughter – the things you see happening nowadays on your screens. And that is why I became revengeful, wrathful. Not to punish or to destroy you, but to bring you back to the source. 

I was the Mother of the children of Russia, of Ukraine, of Syria, Armenia, Belarus, Turkey, Rumania, all the Slavic people. I am still in their tales and in their folk stories. They remembered me as the ugly witch from the woods – and yes I was ugly. But look deeper, look beyond the outer appearance, and then you see my real essence, which is beauty, which is fertility, which is the Earth itself. 

Return to me, kiss my soul and I become awake and will abundantly give you what you so much long for. I am your Mother. Don’t despise me, don’t turn away from me, don’t make my ugly. I can only express the pain and darkness that you give me. 

I am the source of life and I can rise in your heart if you open the door for my soul.” 

(Villenbraken, 04/04/2022)