08.08 ROMANIA, Black Sea, The Keys of Enoch

Jos, a deceased friend and great lightworker, is talking:

“I was working on the Black Sea myself, because it is such an important blueprint for Europe that has been forgotten. The flooding of that first culture of Europe causes a lot of disturbance in the field, which still causes ripples of wars, crises, chaos… Those are actually still after-effects of that original downfall, of the great flood, at the time of Noah .

You go through layers, layers of history, layers of emotions, layers of pain, and beyond that is the layer of love and of wisdom. Behind Noah’s flood is the knowledge of Enoch and that’s what I want to bring to the surface, that’s where you need to go: the knowledge of Enoch. That is actually the key for the future . The Keys of Enoch. They lie in the water of the Black Sea.

Black. The Black Madonna, the Black Earth Mother, the black energy that is not destructive, but nourishing, that is nourishing, that is the source. Under the salty Black Sea lay fresh water, a fresh water source.

As you know, this work never ends. It is the energetic work behind the scenes, of the Great White Brotherhood – and various other Brotherhoods or Sisterhoods that support humanity from the energetic planes. As there comes a time of much change and much chaos and transformation, it is vital that the veil between life and death continues to thin and that you begin to experience how you can continue to create a future, even though you are in a period of downfall.

Move with the flow, let yourself be guided by where your boat wants to go. Try not to check too much. Follow the undercurrent, because it always leads you to the most optimal situation. Don’t cling to certainties, because those certainties are currently much less solid than they seem. Let yourself flow.

Open the keys of Enoch. Read the books, bring the knowledge back of preflood times. Go beyond the disturbance to the time of Eden, to the Paradise Matrix. All the disturbances are just that: they cover the original creation, so you can’t see properly, you can’t think properly, you can’t even feel properly. Because you are in the world of distortion. When you open your mind, you will see reality as it truly is. Beyond the three-dimensional plane. And that’s where I am as well. Go to the I am presence. But to do that, that’s quite an art.”

(04/04/2022, Nijnsel, Ton, Anne, Erik)