18.14 NEDERLAND, Colijnsplaat, Zeeland, Netalennia

‘The Divine Mother was honoured and venerated in many forms and with many names, as the goddess Sequana at the source of the Seine, as the goddess Arduina, the goddess of the woods and the hills, the goddess of the sea, Ganuenta, but also this goddess Netalennia, goddess of prosperity, of wealth, of money and of abundance and fertility. She was an omen for the fishermen and the seafarers, to have good fortune on their journeys at sea and to be protected. So they bowed down at the feet of Netalennia, to ask for her favour when things would get rough, when storms would come. 

People forgot about her, like they forgot about Arduina and Sequana and all the others. They didn’t communicate anymore with the forces of nature, with the force of the water, the wind and the fire, and now the elements take over. They bring their message to humankind to honour earth, to honour the wind and the water, to honour the fire. 

So these are the words of Genuanta, goddess of the sea:

“Beware my children. Build your house on rocks, on a high ground. Because I will start to move my body of water, this way and that way. Because the floods of my vagina are reaching the shore, the gate is opening. While you have lived a safe life with comfort and abundance, it’s time for change, time for transformation. The waters will wash away that which is no longer needed. 

Don’t be afraid for things to  fall apart, for things to change. Don’t be afraid to move, to move your place, to move your house, to let go of your belongings and your comfortzone. Go where the wind brings you, follow the fire in your heart. Go with the flow of water, and listen to the stones, and the bones, because they tell of old stories, old times of changes. They will be your inspiration. 

Look at the stars because they will point the way. The star of the Great Conjunction is heralding these times of change. Now change is never easy. It will uproot everything you know. You will feel lost and like little ships in an ocean that is roaring with waves as high as houses. But when you stay grounded in yourself and connect to the star of your heart, you will be guided home to a safe haven. 

May your journey be full of adventures, rich and beautiful, and may you not be afraid of the challenges that are ahead of you. May you feel safe in yourself and know that you are guided by the waves of time. May you prepare for everything that you need on the journey. So at the end you will see the horizon to a new land, a promised land, where you will gather with your tribe.”’