36.50 PORTUGAL, Tomar, The Power of Iria

In Hanne’s Café in Tomar, in the presence of Anne’s women circle. Tuning in to Iria.

‘There is a deep dark cave, a cova-dunga, cova-ria, hidden within the earth, that contains and guards ancient secrets and ancient wisdom that needs to be revealed. It is like Mother Earth birthing, so that that which has been hidden comes to the light and is born in a new consciousness, that is needed in this time. 

It is the energy of Cale, the dark one, dancing, raging… But not raging from anger, but raging from vitality and life force. “Enough is enough.” It is life that wants to thrive and not be held back anymore. 

So you with the seven women are all a representation of the Mother Goddess. Each one of you holds a special key, an element of that divine feminine. By connecting all seven, the power of Iria is unleashed. Iria is not only the name of a person, but another name of the divine feminine from an ancient time, from the Celtic time. Irrrr… It is the same as in Ireland. It is like the wild woman – and the word iron is from the same root: redbrown, strong force. Great power to be unleashed, but a benevolent power. 

Enjoy and be wild, and dance.’