36.48 PORTUGAL, Evora, Beacons of Light

With the group of the New Templars on the New Moon in the Stonecircle Cromeleque dos Almendres.

“You are here on this sacred mission. There is this window of time that is opening up to make great transformation on planet Earth. You are the guardians, the way showers, the pioneers to bring in this energy from a very long time ago. Because we are connecting to you. We were the seed bearers of our time and we are reaching out, because we can look beyond time and space. This is one of our portals through which we could travel through time. 

The whales are calling to protect the oceans, to dive deep into the collective unconscious and to remember why you came here. Remember who you are and take your role of leadership. 

Many will be looking for a beacon, for signs, for a sign, and you will be the ones lighting the beacons. So imagine this place to be one of the beacons of light and just activate it, so it is completely unveiled and open for everyone to see and feel the energy of it.”