36.47 PORTUGAL, Tomar, Seven Aspects of Divine Consciousness

With the members of the Tree of Life Foundation and their partners in Tomar. There are seven of us.

“Seven cultures, seven gates, seven openings to the divine, which is hidden in matter, in the earth and in nature. You are, as it were, a seven-shaped key, seven chakras, seven archetypes. A key needed to reactivate the hidden knowledge of this place. As we have opened them in our time and passed them on to future generations. In every culture an element has been added, an aspect of divine consciousness, and it is up to you to add the next aspect: divine love and compassion. Which fulfills the prophecy, the prophecy of the fifth kingdom. 

Don’t underestimate the work you do. In small things, in yourself, in the details of ordinary life, the divine reveals itself. Because everything you do on a small scale happens on a large scale at the same time. Everything you do for me, you do for the world. You are, as it were, channels that together form a grail, a receiving cup, to channel and receive these collective energies. The energy that goes beyond these words.

Jewish culture has also added its aspect here in the synagogue, as have Arabic culture, Visigothic culture, Celtic culture, Roman culture and Christian culture. All have an aspect of the world flower. The flower of life is a blueprint for the new human civilization. Because from the flower the world unfolds and from the tree of life consciousness unfolds. Connect both and heaven comes down to earth.”

Ton: I see a large circle of knights, Templars, kneeling. I also see someone entering the circle – a woman or a man, I can’t tell clearly – and he says:

“I am the reprobate of the earth who returns, the crucified who rises, the phoenix who rises from the ashes. In the fire of violence and destruction, in the hour of darkness, I return to kindle the light of the earth. Do not despair, for salvation is near. You will be the light of the earth. The salt of the earth.”   (27/01/24)