36.49 PORTUGAL, Tomar, Initiation Steps in the Dark Mysteries

Tuning in to our week in the Azores in March. Ton hears the voice of the Great Mother.

“My children, don’t worry, but the waves of change will be deep and high. It will blow away the ancient world. It will destroy the comfort zone and the structures that you have known until now. But it is needed for the new to emerge. Because the old has had its time. It had its lessons and its moments of high culture. But every high is followed by a low. In this gap in between the old and the new there are many possibilities. There are many pitfalls, many people will lose their way, lose their anchor, their compass. They will get lost in the mind, in theories or models. It is not easy to find your compass in a storm, because the compass is wavering, is going to the left and to the right and back. So it takes a lot of effort to stay focused on your path. 

That’s why regular meditation or silence is needed. To skip the disturbances, because there are many. You can only follow the heart, through the clouds and the storm. 

So, one step at the time. The next step is the Azores. It is the next stepping stone, towards South America, towards Brazil. It is a path of initiation that you are going through. The first part of that initiation was opening the temple in Tomar as an anchor point, as a beacon of light. The next beacon will be on Horta. The next beacon is Belem.”

Ton: And I see another beacon in a temple in the Amazon. The city of Manaus comes up.

“Stepping stones, initiations in the darker mysteries of the Great Mother. While you walk this path you will encounter your own demons, but you will find that pure essence of light and healing at the bottom of the pit. So don’t worry, even if you encounter your demons or if you feel you have gone astray, I will lead you through that darkness to the right destiny. This is your time of testing, of trial. So leave the old behind, because it won’t help you. 

But your network is important. They will support you in your path. Don’t worry about the physical circumstances, just ask for help. Ask for what you need to follow the path of the heart. 

About the young people in April. This is of extreme importance to focus on it and to make the first step. Even if there are not many coming, it is important to open up this field. Because it will define the future, it will define the next generations to come. Because they will take over the lead from you. Ze nemen het stokje over. 

Much much love and support. Trust your path, even if you stumble. Don’t worry, you are in my heart and in my bosom. There is no way you can get lost.”