36.43 PORTUGAL, Tomar, 2024, The Year of Revelation

Anne and Ton in Hotel Iria in Tomar, tuning in to the coming year.

“The word apocalyps means revelation. Not only revelation of the bad stuff, but also of the good stuff. Everything will come at once, depending on how you look at it. Everything that you’ve been waiting for is revealing itself and you are in the midst of it; all of your personal stories are aligning to the great universal story. This means that to get an understanding of what’s happening, you need to understand the greater picture of this world in transformation. Because you are the actors in a great play, and every great play has its dark and its light moments. Know that you are not only an actor playing a script, but you are also the director, steering the course of history towards a new future. 

This is a time to step into your power, being fragile and human on one side, and being all powerful on the other side. Everything you have felt over the last twenty years, preparing for the great shift, is helping you now to overcome the obstacles in your mind and to take your place, your leadership, your unique position in this universal constellation. Don’t be shy now, don’t hide yourself, don’t play small, but combine joy and humanity and divinity at the same time in all your actions. Become a joyful warrior of love.”