12.12 AMERICAS, BRAZIL, White Feather Speaking

At the end of the year, with Agnes and Sofie in the Whale House.

“White brother, when are you coming? We cannot work without you. There needs to be a triad of the eagle and the condor and the dove, the white dove. We need to fly together, to spread our wings and to bring our teachings in connection with each other, so we can cocreate the future, dream the future. You represent the white race, we represent the red race and the black race. These are the three colors of initiation into a new era. Don’t hesitate to follow the path that leads towards your fulfillment. There are no alternatives anymore. Spirit will guide the way.

For the other two women: acknowledge your power. Know who you are. Alone, yet connected to Great Spirit and to the Mother of the world. We are here gathering around our fire to commune with you, to dream together, knowing that you are awake. We respect you for your work, for your diligence and perseverance in walking the red road, as we call it. The way of the Spirit. We know it’s your evening of celebration of a new year, but in our tradition this has a much deeper meaning: it heralds a new time. With all the fire you will say goodbye to the old world. Many happy returns.”