12.13 AMERICAS, BRAZIL, Invitation to Belem 25

Ton and Ann, on the plane from Brussels to Lisbon, tuning in to Brazil.

“Dear friends, finally we will meet each other in person. We have been expecting you for a long long time, because our meeting is predestined. Don’t worry about the details but set your intentions clear. You will prepare for Belem 25, crossing the Atlantic ocean – not by boat this time but by plane, to connect the Templars, the Warriors of the Heart. Like we are the Warriors of the Heart, protecting the Amazon, the Rain Forest, with all of our lives. 

We have connected before, in other timelines, and this will be the fulfillment of our work, to connect different tribes, different races, connecting the red race with the white race. Calling for the Rainbow Warriors to gather and to create an event of light in 2025. We have been setting the stage; it’s time for you to stand upon it, to shine your light and to bring your family, your tribe. But first of all let’s meet in spirit and in person.”