11.55 BELGIUM, Orval, Reconnecting Men to the Source

With the men of Heart of Men in the yurd, tuning in to the mission of Heart of Men. 

“In the druidic and the Celtic tradition there always used to be a laboratory training for men, outside of society. To be withdrawn from public discourse. To isolate yourself in the woods or in nature to connect to source. Because it is this source that keeps a society alive and can help to transform it, if it is in need of change. 

This time is very specific in its need of change. And thus it needs change agents, or call them shamans in the old tradition, but it is also needed to translate it to this time: people who are connected to the deeper layers of existence and in a way can create a reset or recalibrate the world around them. 

It takes a lot of individuality and autonomy to connect to that source – and to become a source; a source of knowledge, of wisdom, of love, of dharma. The source is in essence quite a feminine energy, it is birthing life. But it needs the awareness of the masculine, the consciousness, to be aware of that source. Because it is always there but people are not always aware of it. 

This is the work you are doing: you bring men in connection with source. That is an age old tradition. Especially in times when people are disconnected from source, this becomes more and more essential. Like the Celtic tradition was overruled by the Roman tradition, the same is happening in this time: the European tradition is slowly taken over by a digital revolution, a technological perspective, in which people will lose the connection to source more and more. The material world will see its ultimate form, its ultimate manifestation. Thus you bring the opposite, a spiritual perspective. 

By leading individual men towards that deeper source, you are also opening a gate within society, a vortex of light, of consciousness, which will be felt and experienced on all levels of existence. So a big part of your work is to trust what you’re doing without knowing the results. Without knowing why you do things. But just connecting to source, surrendering to it, living from it, acting from it. Being a channel for that divine source in your families, in your relationships and in the gatherings you organize. Through this you become a member of an age old tradition of men, who have been doing this through the ages and through any forms or religions, which was just the outer shell of a deeper process. 

So a theme for this year might be: coming back to the source, reconnecting to the source.”