11.53 BELGIUM, Brussels, The Message of Gudule

Near the Cathedral of Saint Gudule, we hear her voice.

“Don’t think I am just a voice in your head. I am real, just as you, but living and acting within a different dimension of time. Because there is a space beyond time in which we communicate with each other, the magicians, the wizards, the energy workers of this world. 

I have been guarding the gate of Brussels, which is a powerful earth gate, but it has been twisted and closed in the past. It’s only slowly opening up, slowly, bit by bit. But with your help we can open up the whole gate. It is this vortex of light that influences all aspects of society, politics, religion, science… Connect this gate to the rest of the country, to Orval, to Anvers, and hold space for this place, hold space for Brussels. Because it is here that many important decisions will be made in the coming months. Support the leaders who have the responsibility to act and to react to things happening in the world. They are human after all. And it is through this network, this circle of men and women around them that they will feel confident and embedded in their society.”