06.49 EGYPT, Saint Catherine, The Fountain of Life

Near Saint Catherine monastery, coming back from the mountain with the men’s group.

“There are four pillars of the temple: love, truth, wisdom and compassion. Those four pillars protect life, the fifth element, the essence. This is what has been taught here through centuries. Eon after eon this was a place of holy wisdom, where people opened up to the divine, in connection with the earth. They became a channel for divine inspiration and they gave it form according to their culture. Many prophets came here to drink from the fountain of life and to have a direct experience of divine wisdom. Also you who come here, you drink from the fountain. It doesn’t matter which religion you come from, or which tradition, because the universal principles and laws are always the same, they are eternal. 

When you delve deeper towards the source, both in yourself as well as in the outer world, you will understand the sacredness of water. It is this divine fluid that gives life to everything, it IS the source. It IS the feminine. It is she who gives life. In ancient Egyptian tradition, even before the pharaos came, this was seen as the great mother goddess, Hathor and her sister or equivalent Sechmet. Sechmet was the dark one and Hathor the light one, she who came from the house of Horus. 

By honouring her as men, you drink from the source and you become life protectors, water protectors, life bringers. And thus you symbolically change the desert into a green valley –  within yourself and within the world around you. The monks here in the monastery are the guardians of the secret. They protect the word, the thousands of scrolls that are inside the monastery: the sacred knowledge, the dharma that is being kept here for a time to come. It doesn’t mean they know the content, but they are the same as you: protectors. 

What we like you to do is travel inside the monastery, energetically, and connect to the source: to go down into the earth, into the great mother, and drink from her vulva and be nourished by the fluids of life, of joy, of sensuality, and of the wisdom of the divine feminine. Let it flow into your body, let it nourish your cells, let it be blessing for your heart. The more you allow this energy to flow into you, the more you become the source as well. You become a fountain of youth, and wisdom, and vitality, and you embody the book of love.”