36.41 PORTUGAL, Alcoutim, Guadiana, the River of Life

“There was a time when Arab culture, jewish culture and western, christian culture came together. The Guadiana had an important role to play. It was the River of Life: the connection between the sea, the cultures from the Mediterranean and Africa, and the Celtic cultures from the north of the Iberian island. It all mixed: the Phoenicians, the Visigoths, the Greeks, the Romans, in all these centuries the mixture of religions and cultures created the future of Europe. It brought life, activity and creation of wisdom, knowledge of architecture, science, food and wine. Everything came from this melting pot. 

Now you are in a time of congestion. Again it is important to bring these cultures together consciously, so they can melt into a new from, which is desperately needed. A from that acknowledges the Great Mother, that acknowledges nature, the animal kingdom, the water and the sea. A form that has the wisdom of the heart at its center. From there everything unfolds. It is the power of love that sets the future in motion. 

What you are to do is to create this circle of people from all kinds of background, to come together and create a sacred space, or open space. It doesn’t need to be big. It will just grow organically. People will recognize the energy that brings life, freedom and insight. It is for you to hold the space, to initiate the temple, so a new era can begin. 

We are with you in this endeavour, in this process that is unfolding step by step, just by connecting the dots. Following the path of the stars, camino Estrela, you are activating a new Tree of Life and the heart will be its centerpoint. 

Don’t despair if things look troubled or vague. From our side your path is as clear as crystal, leading from one point to another. It can only manifest beyond your wildest dreams. 

Be humble, be wise and yet rejoice and celebrate: you have reached the river of life, Guadiana.”