10.24 FRANCE, Montségur, Modern Nomads

“Through all ages, through all times, there have been nomads, travelers, who spread the word, who spread cultures, who spread the seeds of the new, and connected the dots. People who are creative souls and weave a new future, by traveling around. Not only physically, but also inner travel. Because this is what it is all about, it is opening up new dimensions that contain the seeds of the future. Young people have in inherent calling to do this, because they are searching for the future. Or the other way around: the future is calling them, to find traces, to find a new pass that leads to a new horizon. So if you hear the calling of the new, don’t hesitate: trust your instinct, trust the whispers of your heart, jump into the unknown, to find the treasures along the path. There will never be a final destination. Because the path is the goal. There are no rules, no handbook, no structure or laws, but the rules of the heart that apply on this quest into the unknown.”