36.42 PORTUGAL, Azores, Lages, The World of Imagination

Ton and Agnes in connection.

“From the depth of the ocean comes a new awareness, a new consciousness. Let us call this a mythological consciousness, which connects the real world with the world of imagination, which is the deep awareness within the human brain that connects to another level of being. In your world these two realities are quite distant from each other, separated. The real world is not the imagination and yet that is not completely true, it is much more fluid than you think. Reality and imagination are strangely but deeply connected; what you imagine becomes real. 

Now this awareness is an awareness of creation. It creates a new world and the more you tap into this imaginative world, you are able to create a future. Women seem to have a much easier connection to this world below the surface. They are aware of their emotions and feelings, which is an entrance to the mythological world. It is the deep wisdom that comes to the surface. A deep wisdom of the balance and the interconnectedness of everything, from the tiniest details to the furthest stars. 

This is the wisdom of Sedna, the mythological goddess of the Inuit indians. She used to be covered in ice, but slowly she is melting. Her wrath and anger are disappearing and showing what is underneath, a love for truth. Because even if things are imaginative, there is still deep truth in it. It is not that it is fake, because that is the other dimension; if you are too much in the world of reality or science, you create a fake world. So when the emphasis is too strongly focused on scientific truth and the reality as you can see it in physical form, it creates a fake world. The imaginatory world creates a world of truth, inner truth.

Now even as women have a much easier access to this dimension, it also needs a masculine part. A part that sets boundaries, that brings a sort of light, a trident, a tool of Shiva that can destroy and create as well. It needs a very clear and presize focus on the center, which is the Heart.

The White Whale or the birth of the White Whale is a symbol of this new world being born; this new collective thinking and collective creation. 

Trust your instincts. Trust that that which wants to come to the surface, with its little messages and hints, will be shown to you, so you find your path through the woods. 

Many blessings. Connect the islands, as pearls on the necklace.”